Kanvas.fm is a non-profit 24/7 web radio, broadcasting an eclectic collection of carefully selected music, which extracts the essence of a lifetime of obsessive music research. While the selection dips into all kinds of genres, the individual elements flow together naturally through their stripped-down aesthetics and mellow atmospheres, taking the listener on a unique exploration of euphonic realms.

Part of the aired content consists of podcasts recorded exclusively for the web radio by a growing community of artists who share a similar vision. An archive of those guest mixes, as well as mixes recorded under the Kanvas moniker can be found on our Soundcloud page.

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If, for any reason, any song broadcasted on Kanvas.fm is in violation or infringes any copyrighted material, please contact us and we will immediately remove any music that is in dispute from the broadcasted playlist. The copyright for any graphics or images published on this website is reserved. Any duplication or use of these objects is not permitted without the web page owner's written agreement. We are not responsible for any contents linked or referred to from this website. The contents will not be checked and are subject to control and liability of the responsible provider.

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